5 Reasons Why Slasher Flicks Just Can’t Beat the Best Thrillers

5 Reasons Why Slasher Flicks Just Can’t Beat the Best Thrillers

Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 4.04.38 PM

Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 4.04.38 PM

We are halfway to Halloween with our #31DaysofHorror! There are so many dedicated horror fans out there (who have made this month amazing) because the genre itself can have so many sub-genres. You can be a die hard horror fan, but actively avoid any movie involving a clown, doll or puppet. That’s the beauty of horror, you’re not pigeon-holed into one category. With that said, the good people of…

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It’s October! Time to Watch Horror Movies Online

It’s October! Time to Watch Horror Movies Online



It’s finally October, which means HALLOWEEN! Everyone wants the perfect Halloween costume, sometimes it takes days, weeks or months to put it together.  It’s a shame to only celebrate such a fun holiday on just the last night of the month. That’s why Tubi TV is presenting 31 Days of Horror. During the month of October, we are going to highlight our best horror movies from every genre you can…

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Love to Watch Reality TV Shows Online? Tubi TV’s Top 5 Reality TV Shows from the UK and Australia

Love to Watch Reality TV Shows Online? Tubi TV’s Top 5 Reality TV Shows from the UK and Australia

Screen shot 2014-09-23 at 3.22.42 PM

Screen shot 2014-09-23 at 3.22.42 PM

Whether you see reality television as a great guilty pleasure or the complete downfall of entertainment, there is no denying that this genre of television is here to stay. The reality television trend started in America with shows such as The Real World, American Idol, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but it didn’t take long for it spread to hundreds of other countries. I’m still not sure if…

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Tubi TV’s Top 5 Documentaries to Watch Online




With over 20,000 titles to choose from on Tubi TV, we understand that it is a little intimidating to sift through and pick only one to watch at a time. If you’re in the mood for a documentary, you have 55 choices just in that category alone. But, we’re here to help ease that burden of choice by giving you some of our top picks. They’re thought provoking, they’re funny, and they’re a little out…

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First Skippable Interactive TV Ad for Lexus launches on adRise

TV advertisers only pay if viewer watches 100% of commercial on adRise Platform 

San Francisco, CA — (Aug. 21, 2014) - Team One and adRise Inc, the largest Connected TV content distribution and monetization platform, today announced the airing of their first interactive TV advertising campaign produced for Lexus (NYSE: TM) that mirrors online ad-skipping technology and completion rate models. The campaign ran from June 2 - July 13, 2014 promoting the Lexus LS and its newest innovations.

The skippable unit, “ClearSpot” by adRise, consisted of both a :15 sec and :30 sec skippable TV spot that ran on more than 15 Connected TV platforms including Roku, XBox 360, and Amazon Fire TV. Team One also ran another multi-asset interactive ad unit, where the user could telescope into a two minute “Behind The Scenes” video with Artist Giles Revell. Team One produced the spots that ran on adRise’s ad product.

“We’re now facing an age where brands are increasingly expecting the same viewing flexibility and proof of performance from television advertising as they do from any online marketing campaign,” said Teri Hill, Lexus media manager. “adRise’s CTV ad platform offers viewers the ad skipping flexibility they want while offering clients a web-like pay-for-performance model — all with the brand benefits of TV interactivity.”

Despite the skipping feature, the Lexus interactive TV ad achieved a 73 percent completion rate.

“It’s time that the TV model caught up to online advertising where users can skip ads and clients only pay for performance,” said Farhad Massoudi, CEO of adRise, Inc. “We think this campaign proves there are compelling reasons to continue advertising on the bigger screen.”

Lexus leads the development of interactive campaigns on Connected TV devices. This is the second campaign in two years where Team One has partnered with adRise on behalf of its Lexus client to deliver unique connected TV in-stream ad products. 

About adRise
adRise develops branded VOD apps and is the leading content distribution and monetization engine for all major Connected TV devices. adRise supports game consoles, streaming boxes (like Roku and Apple TV), Smart TVs, Bluray players, tablets, smartphones and web browsers. adRise’s ad SDKs, which power ad delivery, targeting and real-time analytics, is the standard that most of the advertising world uses to deliver interactive brand advertising to Connected TV devices. Brand advertisers access viewers by leveraging robust targeting and analytics never before available for TV audiences. Premium content owners monetize their content with interactive video ads, EST, and subscription revenue. For more information go to adrise.com or contact info@adrise.com. adRise is based in San Francisco. In April 2014, adRise launched
Tubi TV, the largest streaming library of free movies and television shows and is currently available on the Web, iOS and all major Connected streaming devices. Users can watch free movies online across multiple genres including award winning films, British comedies, Korean dramas, grindhouse movies, classic film and TV shows, action & adventure, and kids & family, and many more. Tubi TV will have up to 20,000 hours of streaming content by the end of 2014.

About Team One
Headquartered in Los Angeles, and a division of Saatchi & Saatchi, Team One is a full-service marketing communications agency, providing comprehensive brand consultancy, strategic planning, media planning and buying, social media, brand advocacy, relationship (direct) marketing, event marketing/promotions, digital and mobile development, point-of-sale merchandising, public relations, package design and full creative and production services in all channels. The global agency has regional offices in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. Current clients include: Lexus, the Lexus Dealer Association, The Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott, Häagen-Dazs International, HARMAN International/Mark Levinson, 2K, American Express, and CBS Watch! Magazine. Team One also works with a handful of nonprofit organizations, including FocusDriven, Fair Chance and Heal the Bay.

About Lexus
Lexus launched in 1989 with two luxury sedans and a commitment to pursue perfection. Since that time, Lexus has expanded its line-up to meet the needs of global luxury customers. Lexus is now going beyond its reputation for high quality vehicles with the integration of innovative technology, emotional exterior and interior designs, and engaging driving dynamics and performance. With five models incorporating Lexus Hybrid Drive, Lexus is the luxury hybrid leader. Lexus also offers six F SPORT models and two F models, including the LFA supercar, for top-of-the-line performance. In the United States, Lexus vehicles are sold through 234 dealers who are committed to exemplary customer service.

Contact Info:
Press Relations support@adrise.com 415-504-3505 

Everyone … Tubi TV is now on Web and iOS


You asked and we responded … the unveiling of our Tubi TV Web and iOS beta apps is now finally here.

Now you can enjoy the largest streaming library of free Movies and TV Shows on your desktop, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as on your Tubi TV Connected TV app.   

Thank you for being a fan of Tubi TV and make sure to check back often for new Movies and TV shows.

Have fun watching!

The Tubi TV Team

adRise Launches Tubi TV: The World’s Largest Free Streaming TV Library

Includes More Than 20,000 Free Video-on-Demand Titles, Initially Available on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Xbox 360®

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—(Marketwired - Apr 16, 2014) - adRise, the largest connected TV content distribution and monetization platform, today announced the launch of Tubi TV, a free video-on-demand service. Offering viewers access to the world’s largest library of free streaming television and film content, Tubi TV’s ad-supported service will be available initially on the recently released Amazon Fire TV, as well as Roku and the Xbox 360 ® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Representing a revolution in how viewers consume entertainment, Tubi TV is “freeing television,” giving consumers access to a media library that boasts the largest breadth of free content. Tubi TV empowers viewers to access content on virtually any device or platform and will also be available in coming months on the web as well as on Android devices, Chromecast, iPhones and iPads, Kindle Fire, Samsung and Sony televisions, TiVo, and WD TV.

"We created Amazon Fire TV to simplify television on behalf of our customers and it was important for us to make it easy for them to find high-quality content," commented Aaron Rubenson, Director of Amazon Appstore and Games. "We’re pleased that Tubi TV is available on Amazon Fire, offering customers a great collection of free television and movies."

Tubi TV’s library spans an impressive array of genres, including: anime, Asian TV and movie favorites, award-winning international films, cartoons and kids programming, classics, comedy, cooking, documentaries, drama, film festival hits, fitness, men’s and women’s lifestyle, music, nature, news, reality TV, and sci-fi, among many others. Viewers will also have access to popular shows in genres such as British TV and Nordic Noir, including “Black Books,” “Father Ted,” and “The Sandhamn Murders.”

Tubi TV’s service satisfies the growing desire among consumers to wield greater control over their content viewing experiences, resulting in their surging use of video-on-demand (VOD) services on a growing list of connected devices. According to forecasts from Cisco Systems, by 2017, nearly 70% of all consumer Internet traffic will be video, which will be viewed by close to 2 billion online video users worldwide, up from around a billion in 2012.

"In the face of unprecedented technological change and competition, the television industry is undergoing a radical revolution as consumer sophistication and expectations continue to rise," said Farhad Massoudi, CEO and founder of adRise. "They want more choices, on-demand access, and they increasingly want it for free. We’ve been busy working under the radar to deliver on this vision by aggregating the largest library of free television and film content in the world and we’ve only just begun."

Tubi TV represents a significant expansion in the universe of content available to media consumers and complements popular subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime Instant Video. For the past three and a half years, adRise has partnered with some of the largest content producers in the world to secure rights to offer households an unprecedented volume of free content.

adRise recently received an additional $2 million round of funding to develop Tubi TV and is backed by lead investor Foundation Capital, one of Silicon Valley’s top VC firms, in addition to Mark Amin, former vice chairman of Lionsgate; Zod Nazen, former Yahoo CTO; Bobby Yazdani, founder of Saba Software; and Streamlined Ventures, among other investors.

Working with clients such as Discovery Communications, ITV, and Starz Digital Media across multiple media devices and platforms, adRise manages more video-on-demand applications than any company in the world and developed nearly a third of all domestic video apps available on Samsung Smart TV. Leveraging its unique expertise and position as the leader in connected TV monetization and content distribution, the company recognized the enormous potential in an ad-supported business model that offers content producers distribution at scale and meaningful monetization streams.

About Tubi TV
Tubi TV is revolutionizing the TV industry by freeing TV. It has aggregated the world’s largest library of free streaming TV shows and films, giving consumers instant, unlimited access to over 20,000 titles with no subscription fees. It has the broadest array of free premium content available in one place, from Reality TV, British TV and Korean TV to anime, documentaries, cooking, kids, nature, fitness, news and sports. Launched first for Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Xbox 360 ®, Tubi TV will be available on virtually every streaming platform and device and will offer more than 15 times the amount of programming than any other free TV video application by the end of 2014. Tubi TV is being launched by adRise, the largest connected TV distribution and monetization platform. For more information, please visit:tubitv.com

About adRise
adRise develops branded VOD apps and is the leading content distribution and monetization engine for all major Connected TV devices. We support game consoles, streaming boxes (like Roku and Apple TV), Smart TVs, Bluray players, tablets and smartphones. Our ad SDKs, which power ad delivery, targeting and real-time analytics, is the standard that most of the advertising world uses to deliver interactive brand advertising to Connected TV devices. Brand advertisers access viewers by leveraging robust targeting and analytics never before available for TV audiences. Premium content owners monetize their content with interactive video ads, EST, and subscription revenue. For more information go to adrise.com or contact info@adrise.com. adRise is based in San Francisco.

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Amazon Forward-Looking Statements

This announcement contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Actual results may differ significantly from management’s expectations. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that include, among others, risks related to competition, management of growth, new products, services and technologies, potential fluctuations in operating results, international expansion, outcomes of legal proceedings and claims, fulfillment and data center optimization, seasonality, commercial agreements, acquisitions and strategic transactions, foreign exchange rates, system interruption, inventory, government regulation and taxation, payments and fraud. More information about factors that potentially could affect Amazon.com’s financial results is included in Amazon.com’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including its most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K and subsequent filings.

Content (Film & TV) and Ad Ops Manager @ VC-Funded Digital TV Startup


You will manage both content (film and TV) and advertising partners (ad networks, agencies and advertisers). The job will evolve but this is where the immediate need is.

* encode and troubleshoot videos
* edit videos and images
* prepare TV applications with the necessary videos, images, and related metadata
* QA and submit TV applications
* Work with device manufacturers to coordinate the submission, QA and publishing of applications
* Work with the engineering team to build and maintain TV applications
* Manage film and TV content owners to on-board them to adRise’s platform and maintain content relationships
* Work with other team members to coordinate company-wide initiatives

* Lead the ad operations for advertising campaigns across TV applications and mobile devices
* Coordinate and manage the relationships with ad partners and their
campaigns (ad networks, agencies, and brands)
* Handle and problem-solve ad operations bugs and campaign changes
* Work with other team members to coordinate company-wide initiatives

Competitive salary, stock options, full health benefits, gym stipend, paid lunches.

adRise (http://adrise.com) is the leader of where TV, advertising, and the Internet intersect. Think of us as a distribution and monetization engine for Connected Devices. We distribute film and TV content to Connected TV devices like Internet-connected TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, and set top boxes. We’re a fast-moving, talented team with technology, advertising, and film & TV backgrounds. VC-funded with growing earnings. We’re located near the Embarcadero and New Montgomery BART stations on Mission street.

* Has savvy communications skills to be informative, problem-solving, and managerial
* Experience building over-arching processes to organize previously chaotic or overlapping processes. This requires attention to detail as well as being strategic in how to create new processes or adjust existing ones.
* Comfort working with Macs and PCs. Basic experience working with scripts and Linux environments is preferred or be willing to learn
* Preferred, but not required: One or two years of experience working in ad operations or video production or, generally, at a media company.
* Preferred, but not required: Knowledge of video and audio codecs and transcoding/encoding.
* Preferred, but not required: Experience working with FFMPEG and tape-to-digital transfers.
* Preferred but not required: Prior ad operations experience, managing ad campaigns; handling VAST tags, working with ad servers, etc.

San Francisco

Contact us:

adRise + Digiday Agency Innovation Camp

We are excited to announce that we will be speaking at the Digiday Innovation Camp on June 26th! 

adRise CEO, Farhad Massoudi, will sit down with Digiday’s editor-in-cheif, Brian Morrissey, to discuss the future of TV and the many changes that are on the horizon.  Connected TV is quickly becoming a reality and will completely transform advertising, it is important that brands are prepared. 

During our Dialog with Brian we will debunk a few of the myths in the Connected TV space, discuss the many changes in content distribution and technology and provide advertisers with a few simple ways that they can start to advertise on Connected TV platforms.  

For those of you that are unable to attend the Innovation Camp don’t worry we’ve got you covered and will upload a video of the talk for you to view. 

The future of TV is closer than you think.  Are you ready for it? 

adRise’s new in-laws: Foundation Capital and Netflix

So you’re asking what does adRise have to do with Foundation Capital and Netflix. Some of you may be asking “who’s Foundation Capital?”. Good question. We’ll answer that shortly. If you’re asking “What’s Netflix?” — well, you might be reading the wrong blog.

After a customary courtship of startup and VC firm between adRise and Foundation Capital, a leading VC firm in Silicon Valley, a VC financing round resulted.

Foundation Capital is a great partner for us because they’ve had great successful with both technology and content-focused companies. The best example is their investment in Netflix, on which they still sit on the board. I’m not sure if the analogy really works, but we’re now sort of in-laws to the content-technology Goliath that is Netflix.  

Foundation Capital is an investor in a lot of other great companies that are relevant to us, including Freewheel, which is standard for content owners who want to track their rights and revenue across various digital platforms. And, yes, Freewheel and adRise have done an integration already so content owners can use Freewheel to monitor and schedule their ad campaigns on Connected TVs via adRise’s apps or ad SDKs.